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Bluecross blueshield dental For Pierre Conscience, member of the initiative committee, if it is a disappointment, the result is more than honorable. Bluecross blueshield dental The initiative is part of the narrow base of the radical left, then widened broadly.

The score shows that the population is open to social progress. The City of Lausanne has said yes to more than 55% of the votes. The campaign coordinator attributes the failure to the fallacious arguments and fear of the right that were imposed during the campaign.

Opponents PLR, SVP, Green Liberals, dentists and economic organizations are extremely satisfied, said campaign coordinator Patrick Eperon. This no gives a stop to the rise in the price of labor in the canton, while the times to come will be very hard, he said at the ATS.

Loading the cost of labor is a stupidity that can not be afforded. The attractiveness of the canton is decreasing and the digital revolution is disrupting all economic activities, he noted.