Find A Quick Way To Affordable Dental Insurance

Important that you receive an official copy of the fee schedule that you also receive an effective date in writing from that insurance company as well as an Affordable Dental Insurance expiration date some insurance companies won’t even disclose their expiration date and the reason why is because they don’t want you to know when that fee schedule  is going to be downgraded but it is important for you to receive the expiration date for the purpose of preparing for future negotiations now here’s a real example of what fee negotiations have done for an eight hundred and twenty thousand dollar practice in Mesa Arizona

The annualized increase for this practice negotiating  with these insurance companies here in  this box you see here that this box united healthcare total dental  administrators is a small local insurance company in the state of Utah Arizona but all these major national carriers you see here that Delta Dental  MetLife Blue Cross united concordia not even listed here in the negotiations that represented forty-four percent of  this practice those major for insurance companies that i listed but all these other companies represented a ninety thousand dollar increase for this dental  practice

Imagine if this doctor we were able to negotiate with at least meant live for united concordia but even without negotiating with those big players that don’t negotiate in this  area i think this is a lot of additional revenue that this guy can put in his pocket and say hey look that was worth the effort okay the last step folks is that you want to track and monitor  claims what I advise folks to do is that once you receive a negotiated fee schedule audit five random claims from that insurance company every month you  want to make sure that they’re paying  you on that fee schedule what happens frequently is that doctors will  negotiate a fee schedule the insurance company will pay on that fee schedule  for one to two months and then they’ll start to go back on the old fee schedule  on random procedure codes whatever they do that it costs you money it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for you to sit  down or have have one of your staff members sit down