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A public adjuster Humana dental I Believe firmly that the contractor has many many abilities within their purview to be able to win in .

This game without having to resort to those other methods and this is not to knock those other methods there are.

A lot of those professionals that and other contractors that utilize professionals like that who are great friends of mine who have a lot of respect for and who I actually learn a lot from myself but my point is and .

This is really the biggest punchline if you will is that whenever you utilize those other methods the thing that you have to be ready for is delay lots and lots of delay delay deny defend goes into Maximum Overdrive.

Whenever you utilize some of those methods and so as a contractor if you’re able to stay in your lane as the contractor then you could actually shorten the time frame significantly you know most projects whether they be residential and commercial can .

Be wrapped up in two to four perhaps six weeks as compared to six to eight to twelve months or perhaps even eighteen months and beyond depending on where you are or depending on

Which one of those methods that you’re deploying now when you’re staying in the lane of a contractor and exhausting all options at the contractor level before deploying any of those other methods you need to realize now .