How To Get Renaissance Dental At Low Cost

That vision kit that Renaissance Dental I talked about which not only has the vision questions and kind of walks you through Renaissance Dental the process but also has an outline for .

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental
  • How you can do a calibration retreat it’s a simple little outline but it’s basically what I just outlined it gets kind of gives you the agenda and how you do it and so.
  • I’m happy to share that if someone you know wants to send us an email I’ll give you an email address just than that .
  • That would be great what  should do contact Catherine together is if they just put vision kit in the subject line and send it to info .
  • Lions speak dot net not comm net lions speak so  speak dot Burnett division kick consented to info at Lina speak net .

That’s right effective you know I had so much fun today perhaps one of the longest podcast ever done and so but I just couldn’t put my phone down .

  1. it was so interesting oh thank you I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it it’s a favorite topic .
  2. I hope your listeners got something out of it and I wish them through the through the internet lines and
  3. The telephone lines much much success in accomplishing their dreams and leading their people well absolutely .

I think definitely you know even the Linus principle is very interesting about you know bringing out paints things.

That people already have into the you know making the memories verbs I think you know the way you think.

About leadership specially around team and you know helping the owner have clarity and and in spitting to inspire.

Their people with business you know vision and then of course having people have their own life vision .

then helping them you know agree or disagree yes these two align .

We can continue or maybe not I think there’s so much in it and I think I’m just summarizing at a , foot level but .

I think you know by listening to it maybe a couple of times they’ll get a turn out .