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We were Renaissance Dental in the was having them walk their way down from that -day change that the clear aligner recipe is the two-week interval and Renaissance Dental one aligner for two weeks at a time was the path when we first began we started with days we were wearing.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

The aligners for days then we went to then then and and and we’ve worked down throughout the next let’s say to years to kind of hone a process where we can have a very predictable rate of tooth movement and I have a chart at the end of this presentation that shows what it.

Would be a breakdown for a mild to moderate to severe orthodontic conditions and how many rounds of micro sd or perforation might be needed to provide what type of tooth movement rate and what type of a liner changed so.

We’ll definitely get into some of the differences between mild moderate and severe types of cases that we’ve treated over the years so the the clinical trials were done through NYU and basically obviously .

A device is used which we’re going to get introduced to in a moment to create micro SD or perforations and that clinical trial showed a percent reduction in treatment time which is very nice my experience is .

Anywhere from to about percent reduction in treatment time the early stages where we were beginning to.