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best for you and just to make sure¬† Dentemax Reviews people understand I mean and there are two to open seasons and there are two different websites and organizations so overseas TRICARE office of personal management oversees the Fed but you’ll see both sites up there on the screen right now but like I’d like Lea said.

Dentemax Reviews
Dentemax Reviews

I mean she can provide the information as well in other forms but we want to make sure people understand that it’s not just one place to go yes the chiropractor issue again that’s coming up another question is that being added for only active duty or retirees too so.

That’s a great question so currently¬† @twitter chiropractic chiropractic care is is provided in some of our although we don’t have chiropractic providers we have some of our providers that have that competency and they provide.It in the what we’re looking at right now is is covering in a private sector so when you say retirees you know retiree can can be enrolled potentially an imminent in an MTF or a military hospital if there’s room or can be TRICARE select on the network so.

It so the network side of it is that’s what we’re looking at for the regulatory process is to try to we’re just starting that process or that journey of getting that approved are going through that state approves.

I mean it has to go through all the wickets but over the interests of question is that any retirement can be out of prime or or select so that’s that’s where we are and either one of those all right ah let’s see not seeing too many new questions.

I definitely want and we’re getting really close to time here but I wanted to put out there that if you have additional questions and we could not get them today during this webinar you can reach out to me at